7 Keys to Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

If you want to be found by recruiters, hiring managers or customers on?LinkedIn you need to know how to properly optimize your LinkedIn profile. But, LinkedIn has it’s own sort of SEO and if you want to be found, you have to know the tricks. Luckily, it’s pretty simple if you follow these 7 easy steps.

Step 1 – Choose Your Keywords
If you were trying to look up someone like yourself, what would you search. It’s important to be specific but not too wordy. For example, if you’re a web developer, you don’t want to just pick that term. You’ll want to choose something that is descriptive but brief, something that includes your forte, like “Javascript Web Developer.” You’re going to use this term 6 times so you can add more but not too much. Remember, Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. If you add too many specialties people will think you’re just throwing words up against the wall hoping one sticks.

Step 2 – Add Keywords to Your Title
Yep it’s that easy. Don’t bother putting the company you work for. You only have 122 characters to work with so choose them wisely.

Step 3 – Add Keywords to Your Summary?
You have 2000 words so feel free to type away but remember; no one wants to read your life story. Keep it on point and interesting. If you’re going to make it long, use sub-headings to people can skip around to the parts they want. Recruiters and hiring managers are likely looking through dozens of profiles just like yours and don’t have time to read every word.

Step 4 – Add Keywords to?Current Employment
Place the keywords in your current employment section. Preferably one of the first ?bullet points.

Step 5 – Add Keywords to?Past Employment
Ditto. See step 4, repeat.

Step 6 -Add Keywords to Skills
This is a section that people tend to go crazy at. If you have a good skill set, add the big ones. If you’re going for a six-figure job, employers are going to assume you know how to use MS Office. This is another area where too many Skills waters down the skills that actually set you apart. Don’t put Social Media just because you have a Facebook account.

Step 7 – Add Keywords to Your Interests
Similar to Step 6 but make sure to throw in some personal stuff. It will not only make you look like less of a drone but may give you something in common with a hiring manager. People hire who they like and they like people with similar interests.

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