I think the minimum budget for any effective paid ad campaign should be about $500/mo – split between Google Adwords and Facebook. If you can manage the basics of Google Adwords Express and Facebook Ads, you’re best off doing it yourself.

If you want help with Pay Per Click advertising:

Ad campaign setup and maintenance fees range from 500-1500 setup (depending on the number of campaigns) and a minimum monthly management fee vs. a percentage of the monthly ad spend. We charge $200 per month up to $1000 and 20% over $1000.

Tips! Some of the things that go into a successful paid advertising campaign:

  • You should have a dedicated landing page for each campaign so you can count clicks from the ads. An effective?landing page will also collect user data and provide very specific contact information.
  • Thoughtful and keyword rich ad copy &?artwork needs to be created for each Facebook ad (at least 2 ads per ad group for A/B testing).
  • Ad copy needs to be written for each text and phone-only Google Ad (at least 2 ads per ad group for A/B testing).
  • Apply keyword research and configure ad visibility.
  • Google Analytics goals should?to be created and linked to Adwords.
  • Remarketing pixels and custom audiences.